A Sample of Invited Talks and Colloquia

The Geographer, Johannes Vermeer, c. 1668-1669

Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt

~ 2015 ~

Leadership in Organizations: New Answers to Old Questions, Old Answers to New Questions -- University of Illinois Milton Derber Lecture (April, 2015)


~ 2014 ~


Do Nice Guys and Gals Really Finish Last? And Other Factors of Workplace Inequality Influencing Career Success -- Notre Dame Alumni Association (June, 2014)

Ethical Behavior in High Stakes Positions: What You Need to Know -- Country Day School Headmasters' Association (June, 2014)

Leadership in Organizations: What We Know ... and Don't Know -- Penn State University (April, 2014)

Leadership in Organizations -- Oklahoma State University (March, 2014)

~ 2010-2013 ~


Do Nice Guys and Gals Really Finish Last? -- University of Notre Dame Alumni Association Football Friday Lecture Series (September, 2013)

The Cold War of Psychology -- 16th European Conference on Personality, Trieste, Italy (July, 2012)

The Illusions Under Which We Labour -- British Psychological Society (January, 2011)
What's the Matter with OB? -- Texas A&M University (February, 2010)  

~ 2006-2009 ~


Is Positive Self-Concept a Categorical Imperative? -- University of Toulouse, France (May, 2009)

The Significance of Positive Self-Evaluations -- Keynote Address, Sheffield Work and Well-Being Conference (June, 2008)

Careers in Academia -- Sheffield Conference (June, 2008)

SIOP symposium: Effects of nonwork experiences on employees (April, 2007)

National Taiwan University (December, 2006)

National Science Foundation (December, 2006)

Michigan State University (September, 2006)

University of Michigan (January, 2006)

Center for Creative Leadership (April, 2006)